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Focuzed – The creation of a racewear brand

This is the creation of an own Racewear Brand for Motocross and other action sports.

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This is the Focuzed Racewear brand

Stay focused on riding and watch out for your next turn. Always dressed with Focuzed Racewear & Racelook.

Motocross is an extreme action sport and lifestyle at the same time. Riders are style conscious people who need functional and good looking gear to feel comfortable on their bike. With my Focused Racewear design concept case, a corporate identity, branding and clothingline has been developed with which the scene can identify itself and feels good on the racetrack.

Naming a brand

The most important thing in racing is to be focused all the time. All Right, let’s call the baby Focuzed and shift the S to Z.

Design of a racewear

The collection design based on the brand symbol. I call it TeamStripe Black 19 With this element the Jersey, Gloves and Goggles looks dynamic. I can use a part FOC of the Logo on the Pant as well. With this Identity I can brand products in a very flexible way.

Branding & Identity

We need a solid and dynamic typography and a fresh color. Add Razor-Cuts into the letters and make a single symbol as well to support the brand in a multipurpose usage. As an extra option I add a kind of division to the main logo, that makes it possible to use it for different types of products or a product range.

Focuzed - Brand - Logo
Focuzed - Brand - Octagon Symbol Definition

Focuzed - Brand - Apparel

Racewear Team
Stripes Black 19

Race in Black

The Stripes

The stripes are an essential element in the brand symbol and it covers the entire Jersey. It is a good example of how flexible the brand symbol is in itself. That was my focus. Create a most flexible corporate identity.


You can find many brand elements on the design. The Foc shortcut, the stripes as a main part and in small details. The octagon symbol and the Focuzed brand logo in different styles as well.

Focuzed - Brand - Apparel Combo