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Warwick® – Website Redesign Concept

Warwick® is the leading global company for Bass Guitars over decades. Take a look at the official upcoming website redesign i did for Warwick® and Framus® Guitars as well.

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Corporate Website UI/UX

Warwick’s large range of instruments and series needs minimalism, simplicity and elegance.

I think it was in the mid 2017, H.P. Wilfer the owner of Warwick® and Framus® Guitars was looking for a new digital concept and design of his corporate websites and luckily he found me. We share the same passion for music, play guitar and other instruments, so this is the perfect match, a designer and a musician in one person, let’s work together.

My job was to set up a new concept (structure way) and to create a modern and good looking design for both companies. The primary goal was to find an easy way for the custom shop products. First of all, what guitar is the right one for me, what for options are possible and and how does this set up fits to my sound. The second point was a modern, clean and simple design with a huge focus on all the different products, guitar shapes etc. After two or three meetings we was done with my design and concept process. The fact that I am also a customer of music instruments, deep into the needs of a musician was extremely good in the entire process. Unfortunately, the code development and further decisions with the IT unit are still ongoing. I hope the project will see the light of day soon.


There are too many options and different settings for each guitar model. So let’s keep it simple.

UX/UI & motion

The concept includes a huge user experience and interaction with small and fine motion design.

Modern & clean

Clean and modern website design with a straight forward concept. Focused on the products and the Custom Shop process.


This concept design will be used for both companies. So all the corporate colors and design aspects are made for Warwick® and Framus® as well.


The Introdution

This mainpage starts with an impressive image of a bass guitar headstock or related announcements if needed. This page introduce the user with a simple but powerful visual overview of all guitar series and single models, amplifiers and company related content.

Warwick® Website Redesign Concept - Mainpage


Simplify the mass of guitars

Custom-made products offer almost endless possibilities. 12 shapes are offered with a wide variety of colors, materials and hardware. The challenge for the design and the user guidance in the custom shop was to create a simplicity in the selection of the instrument.

But you can not only buy your own custom-made products. Also the signature models and special models of the big stars. Or limited editions and reissues of models from past decades. With this multitude of possibilities, a clear and simple line is required to guide the customer quickly to the instrument of their choice.

Warwick® Website Redesign Concept - Product Overview