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Sick! Series – Clothing Line Design Concept

Here is the „Straight Lines“ clothing design concept I did for Sick! Series. This are official working examples requested by Fabio Wibmer for a complete clothing drop.

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Straight Lines

Push my limits for Sick! Series.

Red Bull athlete, Canyon mountain bike professional rider, Youtuber and content creator, Fabio Wibmer approached me for his clothes brand Sick! Series to create a complete design line. A great opportunity that I didn’t miss to create a few work samples for him. The result is the „Straight Lines“ edition with hoodies, girl tops, shirts, bike shorts, socks and various accessories. For me this wasn’t just a graphic project. I’m also a clothes nerd and designed the Straight Lines Edition the way I would like to wear it. In addition to many design elements, embroidered labels and patches, the lines and the coordinated color concept, I was also able to demonstrate my expertise in different cuts, fabrics and printing techniques.

Even if it finally didn’t come to a final production, it was an honor for me to be selected by him. Who knows what the future will bring.

Design Concept

I like to create uniform design concepts. A red line that runs through a product, which can be found again and again and can be used in different combinations. Flexibility in a conceptual context.

Straight Lines

It was obvious and I named the show „Straight Lines“. The concept of straight lines runs through every product in a wide variety of forms.

Additional identity

In addition, I also designed a signet. The brand is at home in mountain bike and motocross sports, and since everything is moved with a chain, I created a chain symbol from the first letter.


I love clothes and they have to feel good. Special cuts make a product unique, but there are also different fabrics and printing techniques as well as many details that make clothes something special.

Sick! Series – Clothing Design Concept Hoodie White Front


Straight Lines Hoodie

Small fine details make this hoodie awesome. The focus is on the front logo but the really special thing is the allover print with light gray lines on the right arm and the hood, included the company slogan „Push Your Limits“ as well. All prints are subliminal printing. Which means that the color was printed into the fabric. People will love all the embroidered labels on the front and back. Colored elements of the cord with Sick! branding and an extra label on the right cuffs.

Sick! Series – Clothing Design Concept Hoodie White Back
Sick! Series – Clothing Design Concept Hoodie White Side
Sick! Series – Clothing Design Concept Signets Label

Girls Girls Girls

Straight Lines Female Tank Top

This tank top is really a special product. It’s close to the upper body and thanks to its extra length it extends far beyond the hips. It is sporty and has a wide cut out back. Three different fabrics are used, divided into under layer, upper layer and chest. The under layer has a contrasting color with an allover subliminal print on a dry fit fabric. The upper level with its line pattern is also printed subliminally. The chest area is a separately inserted element with a negative print logo pattern in a matt surface. An embroidered patch adorns the center of the chest and the chain symbol is embroidered into the fabric on the lower waistband. It’s more than just a tank top, it’s a beautiful piece of clothing that women will love.


Manufacturer Production Sheet
For this extravagant tank top, a binding production specification for the manufacturer is essential and imperative.


Dark Matter

Straight Lines Hoodie

This hoodie is based on the Luminosity hoodie. However, it is not just a dark variant but a very independent product. The pattern of the entire hoodie is an allover subliminal print in a kind of camoflage. The logo is combined with a pattern and is kept tone in tone. The lines on the arm are also a bit more muted and there is an embroidered patch on the shoulder.


Bikepark shorty

Straight Lines function shorts

This shorty fits in with the design concept of the Straight Lines Edition. Designed as sports functional pants made of a robust, breathable fabric with many extras. Useful features such as a key holder, double side pockets and two back pockets offer enough space. The line design extends over the entire right leg, and the logo pattern is used as an insert in the side pocket. The subliminal printing process is also used here. Small color-contrasting labels as well as embroidered patches and printed logos complete the design of this bikepark shorty.


Patches, Labels…

Straight Lines Additional Stuff

I created tags for the products and packaging, as well as embroidered patches for the headbangers out there. And it has to be fun, tags for your room or office door shouldn’t be missing either. Last but not least, an animated billboard banner was also created for online marketing.